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BucketListed Travel helps you to live tomorrow's travel dreams today. We employ the tools, tips, techniques and hacks gathered over a lifetime of travel to help you achieve YOUR dream travel plans. Our travel consultancy is devoted to helping you discover YOUR best things in life; YOUR best countries to see, the best lodgings to stay and ensuring you enjoy the moments. We consider physical health, budget, age, destinations, hobbies and affinity to customize travel just for you. Even the beaten path can become a magical route when seen with fresh eyes. As Physician Experts in travel, we are able to help you create plans that take into account your personal health history. As frequent travelers with severely food allergic children we recognize the level of detail, care and resources that it takes to navigate travel with illnesses successfully. We can help you create your families personal healthy travel plan.

BucketListed Travel is a key resource for the experiences that go into living a well-traveled life. We know what it takes to make a trip memorable and know exactly how to help you narrow down the ultimate list of experiences and must dos so it is reflective of your personality and dreams. We can help you compile a travel list or flesh out the one you've been toying with for years. Let us map your BucketListed travel plan so you can check it twice...or thrice as the mood strikes.

Expert Bio:

We are world explorers who use insider knowledge to create the private luxury journey of your dreams. From Jamaica to South Africa, Andalucia to Zimbabwe; the BucketListed difference is that we have lived there or been there and done that. Not only do we have the coffee mugs to prove it, we have an extensive roster of friends and contacts in bucket-listed locations around the world to help you appreciate the beauty of our world. 

We specialize in creating 'trips of a lifetime'. We encourage and have mastered travel for any and every reason just because the world is full of magic. Simply put, our advice is to travel early, travel often and enjoy every moment. We have embraced that approach and will recommend your best countries, cities and towns to visit as well as the ideal places to stay and experiences to savor. The luxury of an individually tailored experience is seamlessly woven into a BucketListed itinerary as we co-create the trips of your dreams. Let us show you the difference a BucketListed Travel Plan makes.

Top Destinations:

South Africa, West Africa, Spain, SouthEast Asia,The Caribbean


Luxury Travel, Customized Itineraries, Group Travel, Traveling with Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis, Wellness Travel, Traveling with Health Conditions

Recent Trips:

In the past year our Consultants have visited Singapore, Cambodia,Thailand, Turkey, Spain, Dubai, South Africa, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Russia, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Bali and Nigeria. We have travelled to and know with native familiarity most of the islands in the Caribbean as well as taken a Leeward Islands Tallships Cruise to see them from a different perspective

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